• Potty training a puppy


    Perhaps you are having trouble potty training your puppy, or perhaps you want to make sure you know how to potty train before getting it. Whatever the reason, today I will share with you how to potty train a puppy.

    First you must understand that puppies are different from grown up dogs in the same way a human child differs from an human adult. Puppies eat more frequently, eliminate more often, and have less bladder controll. They are playfull, curious, and everything they do is based on instinct. For them it’s natural and normal to eliminate wherever they please. It is up to you to teach them the rules of your household.

    iStock 000005838179XSmall 300x200 Potty training a puppy

    This is not the right location for a puppy.


    A very important factor to potty training is giving your puppy a clear spot to eliminate. Whenever you go outside it’s important to use a leash to stay in controll. Puppies have a short attention span and can be easily distracted, with a quick pull on the leash you can help them focus on the task at hand. Additionally, the leash makes it easier to keep an eye on your puppies every move.

    Your reaction to failure

    Whenever your dog makes a mistake it’s important to let it know that it did.  Catching the puppy in the act is the best thing to do because it’ll be easier for a puppy to understand why you are ”mad” at it. If you can’t catch the puppy in the act just take it to the ”crime scene” and hold their face close to ”the evidence” of their bad behavior, but make sure you don’t push their nose into it as that would result in your puppy developing a fear to eliminate.

    While you correct your puppy, make sure to keep your composure. Speak in a clear, but recognizable voice. You can sound angry, but make sure to keep it short. Don’t scold your dog too much as that would only cause a negative outcome.

    no dog potty sign Potty training a puppy

    Make sure you let your dog eliminate where allowed (and of course to clean up after your dog)

    Your reaction to succes

    It’s equally important to let your dog know when it eliminated in the right place. Once again it is best to be there right after your puppy eliminates. Speak with a different tone as you did with the failure (do what comes natural). What works great is giving your puppy a reward when doing it right.

    Stay consistent

    One of the best ways to stay consistent is by making a time-based schedule. First you make a diary so that you can analyze the patterns to when your puppy eliminates, followed by creating a schedule.

    Recognize the patterns your puppy makes before eliminating, you might see him makes faces or move around in a certain way or to a certain place. If you combine the knowledge from the diary, the schedule, and that what you see, you’ll be able to anticipate every move your puppy will make.

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